About Us

Mrs Crazy Creations started back in 2013 when creating a Father’s Day gift for my husband. I posted a picture on Social Media and people went crazy for it asking me to make more and my imagination went into overdrive. This is when orders really took off! Being a busy working woman Mum of two, I found myself making new items when the kids had gone to bed. Within months I started selling products on the Etsy selling platform and I’m proud to read all 5-star reviews! 
You name it, I thought of it and filled my Etsy shop with hundreds of Lego frames and personalised gift ideas. During the early days, I was working part time at a HLTA in a Special Needs School but by early 2020, it became clear to me that my Lego frame venture had grown to the point that I actually had a business I could call my own...Mrs Crazy Creations.
We have since moved away from the Etsy selling platform and put all our love, devotion & attention into our very own website by selling directly to customers, which in turns means keeping the costs of products as low as possible as we don't have to pay all the fees when selling on other platforms. 
The company has now grown from strength to strength and as a team we enjoy every minute of what we do. We hand make each gift with 100% devotion, care, and love and we're eternally grateful for all your support and valued custom.

What We Do

At Mrs Crazy Creations we strive to make quality handmade gifts for all occasions with a totally unique personal touch at honest affordable prices to suit any budget. 

Bespoke Personalised Gifts

All products are made bespoke to order and personalised how you want them. 
Our website will hopefully take care of the customisation process but if you need something specific, get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page. 
As all our gifts are customised, we will communicate with you throughout your handmade ordering journey. To help make this as smooth as possible, you will be able to fill in all the options at the check out and send order updates to you via email.